Westwood: It was a solid win

Robin Singh scored the only goal of the match in the 76th minute to extinguish Warriors FC's hopes of qualifying for the next round. 

As a result of the win, Bengaluru are only one point behind Group E leaders Persipura Jayapura, who were held to a 0-0 draw by Maziya on Tuesday. 

"It was a nice and solid win," Westwood told the official AFC website. "We worked harder and pressed harder than the Warriors, and I am glad Robin managed to finish his chance.

"If we had taken more care of things in the final third, we could have scored more goals."

Despite having no chance of qualifying for the knockout stage of the tournament, Warriors coach Alex Weaver announced that he was proud of the way his side performed. 

Weaver added that his side will be looking to gain consolation wins in their last two matches against Persipura and Maziya. 

"It would be naïve of any coach not to understand or be aware of the other games his club are facing in the month," he said. "Although we missed five players, we remained completely focused and I was proud of those who performed tonight."