Muto won’t rush Chelsea decision

The 22-year-old forward, who is currently plying his trade with J-League side FC Tokyo, has reportedly been approached by the Stamford Bridge club regarding a permanent move at the end of the English season.

However, it would appear that the level-headed forward is more eager to ensure his game grows than winning.

"I want to think about it carefully. Where can I go to develop? A team that suits me, where I can play and develop. I'm thinking about that, and for now I just want to take my time and think it through,” he explained.

While Muto is yet to make the same impact at national level that he has for FC Tokyo, he drew gushing praise from former FC Tokyo manager Ranko Popovic. 

The current Real Zaragoza manager, who gave Muto his first chance during his time in charge at the Japanese club, told Bleacher Report: “Muto is something like a noble. He has something different to all other players because he comes from a good family, he has good education, and he was at university. A very smart, intelligent guy. He has something which you cannot learn.”

“He is so fast. So speedy and, for a Japanese guy, so strong. And also so confident. He has a lot of confidence. In our training games Muto always had chances. He had 10 or 12 chances in every game.” 

When asked about the chances of Chelsea signing Muto, Blues boss Jose Mourinho was coy on the matter: "I know a little about him. I don't think it is nice for me to talk about a player who plays for FC Tokyo."