Nazmi may be sent home

Nazmi was given his marching orders after he spat at East Timor midfielder Filipe Oliveira during a heated confrontation. 

As a result, Nazmi will miss Malaysia's next two matches against Vietnam on Tuesday and Thailand on Thursday and will have to wait and see what action the disciplinary committee take against him. 

However, Nazmi claimed that he had not intended to spit at Oliveira during their match at Bishan Stadium in Singapore. 

"If I wanted to spit at the player I could have done it at his face, which I didn't because it wasn't my intention," the 20-year-old told Reuters.

"This incident will serve as a lesson for me and I hope to be a better player after this. I also owe my team mates an apology because they had to end the match with 10 players."

But, Malaysia coach Ong Kim Swee was disgusted with Nazmi's actions and added that he was "not finished with him yet".

"It's a disgrace to commit this kind of mistake and I have told him that I'm not finished with him yet," he was quoted as saying by Malaysian media on Monday.

"We have to wait for the disciplinary committee to decide on his punishment in the next one or two days before I decide on further punishments. I have told him that I can send him back or fine him… I told him to just be prepared."