WATCH: Indonesia vs Malaysia – Experts explain why Derbi Nusantara is the biggest rivalry in ASEAN

MAlaysia Indonesia Derbi Nusantara

Indonesia versus Malaysia — the Derbi Nusantara — carries with it plenty of excitement and tension. But is it one of, if not the, biggest rivalries in Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world for that matter? 

In a special production titled ‘Passion, Pride, Honour: This is Derbi Nusantara’, FOX Sports Asia asked various stakeholders of Malaysian and Indonesian football the big question and this is what we found out.

“Sometimes I always wonder among the Causeway rivals, whether Indonesia or Singapore is bigger? I always think Indonesia is bigger,” said Stanley Bernard, former Malaysia international.

“We have got a lot of things similiar with them. We are closer to them — closer than what we have with Singapore who used to be a part of our state and are a country of their own now. Indonesia have never been part of our state and they have always been a country of their own,” said Stanley.

“Because we are so close and similar, losing to Malaysia is embarrassing and unacceptable. Against Malaysia, we always look down. We can lose to anyone. We can lose no matter [how much] the score, but not with Malaysia,” said Isidorus Rio, a journalist with IDNtimes.

“There are so many things that brings us together, yet so many things that separate us. I think this is the biggest rivalry in this part of the world,” Stanley said.

To know more about this exhilarating rivalry between Indonesia and Malaysia, WATCH ‘Passion, Pride, Honour: This is Derbi Nusantara’ in full right here: