Reports: Philippines might lose 2019 SEA games hosting rights, Indonesia and Thailand next in line

The Philippines might lose their rights of hosting the Southeast Asian Games 2019, according to reports. The reasons being put forth for the same is the lack of funding and unrest among the officials.

The Daily Tribune report that the Southeast Asian Games Federation Council is closely monitoring Philippines’ situation and might arrive on a decision shortly. It is believed that Indonesia and Thailand are ready to take up the opportunity to host the 30th SEA games if offered.

“The only thing they are asking is that if ever we’re going to withdraw, let’s do it as soon as possible so it won’t be unfair to whoever will replace us,” a Daily Tribune source told them.

“They are not happy, of course. First, we calendared 56 sports with a lot of new sports that didn’t even become demonstration sports. Then, there are reports about the lack of fund and squabble among sports officials, particularly in the POC (Philippine Olympic Committee).”

Earlier Brunei had given away the opportunity to host the games but that happened back in 2015. Philippines now only have a little over eight months left as the SEA Games are set to start on 30th November this year.

“But Brunei backed out in 2015, or four years before the opening ceremony,” the Daily Tribune source added. “In our case, we only have eight months left. I’m not sure what will happen.”