Vietnam Coach Park Hang-seo doesn’t consider ASEAN teams as rivals, targets Japan, Korea Republic

Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo believes that the national team are looking at loftier targets and hope that they can challenge Asian heavyweights like Japan and Korea Republic.

In a source, the coach spoke about Vietnam improving well enough to be at par with other ASEAN teams like Thailand and that they are raising the bar high to further improve their state in international football.

The coach said: “I know, in the past, every time we meet Thailand, Vietnamese players are often psyhologically afraid. It may have come in the difference in level or having more losses than wins.

“It affects them and they play badly, leading to poor results.

However, now, we don’t have that feeling anymore.”

Taking the helm for Vietnam in 2017, the Golden Dragons have improved significantly – winning the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 as one of the highlights.

Now, they are looking at other Asian teams and are wishing to continue their evolution as a powerhouse in the region.

“I say that without putting down Thailand, they are still a strong team. But Vietnam’s goal is higher as we look to challenge Korea Republic and Japan.

“There may still be a big gap, but once you determine that, players will be stronger and have more confidence.”

Photo courtesy of The Thao 247