Fans can’t stop comparing Lionel Messi’s balancing skills to local Myanmar woman

Lionel Messi may be one the best players to ever step on the pitch but it certainly does not excuse him from being part of the viral world every so often.

The FC Barcelona man has been subject to a few of the funny memes in recent times like one that became famous during the FIFA World Cup.

Courtesy of Indian Express

Some also depict him and other football legend Cristiano Ronaldo in a funny light as seen here.

Courtesy of Dopl3r

However, the latest making the rounds in social media show Messi balancing a ball on his head and the photo beside him appears to be a woman from Myanmar doing something much more difficult.

Courtesy of CXX

With Messi carefully concentrating with the task at hand, the woman, assuming is from Myanmar is all smiles while she balances five vases on her head while holding four more, two on each hand.

A witty title simply says: Argentina🇦🇷vs🇲🇲Myanmar #PROUDBURMESE

Naturally, followers of the post have a day with their comments, applauding the woman on her incredible skill and suggesting that Barcelona may look at signing her to a deal.