Hero Gold Cup 2019: Myanmar vs IR Iran, live stream, updates, when and where to watch

Myanmar will take on IR Iran at the Hero Gold Cup 2019 tournament, with a win already under their belt. A 3-0 triumph over Nepal in the first game should give the Myanmar women’s team confidence against their rivals for the night IR Iran.

IR Iran were beaten 1-0 in their first game of the tournament by India, and need to pick themselves up against a tough unit in Myanmar, but it is clear that their opposition continue to remain the favorites.

The action should be fast paced and intense nonetheless, and here is all you need to know about this clash between the two sides:

Where to watch?

The Hero Gold Cup 2019 match between Myanmar and IR Iran can be seen all over India on hotstar.com, which is where all the matches of the brief tournament can be witnessed.

When to watch? 

The Hero Gold Cup 2019 clash between Myanmar and IR Iran will kick-off at 16:00 IST (Indian Standard Time), and can be viewed across India accordingly.

Fans can also witness the action right here, on our FOX Sports Asia Live Blog.