Reports: Vietnam refuse to join 2019 Kings Cup

Each year, the Football Association of Thailand welcomes other nations to play in a friendly tournament known as the King’s Cup. However, this time around, Thailand’s ASEAN neighbours Vietnam have turned their invitation down due to already having matches in the queue. 

According to reports, Vietnam have refused to join Thailand for the annual King’s Cup. The news comes from Siamsport who have quoted the Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Football Association of Thailand.

“When the (AFF) Cup ended, we had a conversation at the meeting with each country. It appears that Vietnam has a queue in March, playing against South Korea in Hanoi because they are the AFF Suzuki Cup champions.

“They also put the queue in mid this year. We also talked about the Asian Cup, still receiving the same answer. (Therefore) the plan to invite Vietnam to play the King’s Cup has to end, which we have not yet made an official invitation.

“The reason why we chose to organize this June is to open the channel for the European teams. Causing the opportunity to invite big teams to come in. But not just Europe,  we also include other continents. To open a wider opportunity in this King’s Cup program.”

Meanwhile, the Thailand football association is yet to formally announce this year’s King’s Cup participants. An announcement should be made in the coming months.