Stielike concerned about heat

South Korea coach Uli Stielike has revealed he is worried about the heat when his side take on Oman in their Asian Cup match.

The match kicks off at 4pm local time in Canberra and Stielike is concerned Oman will have an advantage playing in the soaring summer temperatures. 

The German said: "For sure, Oman's players are more used to playing in this climate than our players are, especially those playing in England and Germany.

"[So] you can expect us to play an intelligent way of football. What we have to do is to control the ball. If you control the ball you control the heat."

He also spoke about the fact that South Korea go into the tournament as favourites, despite failing win the Asian Cup for 55 years. South Korean players took abuse from local fans in the form of hurled toffees following their exit from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

He said: "If you don’t win for 55 years then it is time [to do so]. That is our intention, what we are working for.

"We want to bring this team into the heart [of Koreans] and we can only doing that by playing good, quality football."