Cristiano Ronaldo accepts tax fraud charges, set to appear in court

Real Madrid, Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo might be known for his on-field exploits but it is his off-field ones which have landed him in trouble. The Portuguese footballer has pleaded guilty in a tax fraud case for his misdemeanours in Spain, and is set to appear in front of a judge. 

It is not entirely new for players to be accused of tax fraud in Spain. Several stars of the game, such as Lionel Messi and Neymar, have also been found guilty of these crimes in the past. And it is Cristiano Ronaldo’s turn this time around, to appear in front of a judge.

The Portuguese international has been accused of defrauding 14.7 Million Euros during his time in Madrid and will be found guilty of the same on January 14, 2019, according to AS.

Furthermore, the Juventus star will be handed a two-year jail sentence, which he would not be required to serve; due to the fact that this was his first offence.

Ronaldo, who is represented by lawyer Jose Antonio Choclan, has been trying to get the criminal charges replaced by a meagre fine but was unable to do so. Choclan also represented former-Real Madrid man Fabio Coentrao in a similar case and managed to get his client an off from the court on the basis that he appears via video conference.

Currently, the lawyer is trying to get the same deal for Ronaldo, so that he doesn’t have to appear in the court, in person.

Nevertheless, Cristiano Ronaldo has already paid off the fine to the treasury but will still be asked to the court as per Spanish law.