5 worst Manchester United January signings of recent times

The basic concept of life can be summed down into two things: good and bad. In the course of history, some things could be judged as good or bad in a relative sense while some others are just hard cold facts. For Manchester United, they have made some great signings and some absolutely terrible one.

And here are 5 of United’s worst winter signings ever…after the turn of the century that is.

#5 Ritchie de Laet (2009)

How Manchester United ever signed him is the eternal question that might never be answered. He was playing on loan in Conference National (which is the 5th division in England) for Wrexham.

Then in the winter of 2009, the Red Devils employed him and played him exclusively in the reserve team. Needless to say, his time at the Old Trafford was dreadful as he made only three league appearances for the club.

He did go on to win the Premier League with Leicester City, despite spending the second half of the season out on loan.

#4 Wilfried Zaha (2013)

When Zaha made his move to Manchester United, fans were excited with it as he was among the most talented youngsters in England at the time. He was signed in the winter of 2013 for a fee in the region of £15 million.

However, the fact that then manager David Moyes never gave him a proper chance ruined it for him. He made only four appearances for the Red Devils before moving back to Palace, where he is now their best player.

#3 Diego Forlan (2002)

The mystery of Diego Forlan’s failure at Manchester United may never be solved. One can never forget that open goal miss against Juventus as it summed up his time at the Old Trafford.

He was signed by Sir Alex in the winter of 2002 but he only lasted 32 months at the Old Trafford, scoring only 17 times in 98 games. He did, however, earn himself a chant after decimating Liverpool by scoring two goals against them.

“He came from Uruguay, he made the Scousers cry!”

#2 Alexis Sanchez (2017)

Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez is the highest-paid player in the history of Manchester United. Signed from Arsenal in January this year, the Chilean has been a tremendous flop ever since moving to the Old Trafford.

For someone who makes nearly £500,000 a week, he has been atrocious for United. He has scored only 4 times in 30 games, which is dire when compared to 80 in 166 matches for Arsenal.

Furthermore, Sanchez’s wages have supposedly broken Manchester United’s wage structure, with many stars now asking for equal or higher salaries.

#1 Victor Valdes (2015)

Did you even remember this? I, for one, didn’t.

Victor Valdes’ career had been exclusive to Barcelona only until he joined Manchester United under Louis van Gaal in January 2015.

At the time, he was recuperating from an ACL injury. After recovering, he managed to make two appearances for the club before falling out with van Gaal after it was reported that he refused to play in a reserve game.

And just like that, his time at United was brought to a swift end.