Pele slams Neymar diving, claims PSG star better than Mbappe

Pele has made headlines in the past days as he made intriguing remarks on Lionel Messi and the Brazilian appears to be back for more, this time seemingly taking shots at another Brazilian.

The Brazilian legend recently shared his assessment on Lionel Messi and made a surprising claim on the Argentine mentioning that the Barcelona man could only shoot with his left leg.

He would go on to make the claim that Diego Maradona was a better player than Messi.

Naturally, that resulted in a lot of backlash but Pele has not slowed down, this time taking jabs on his compatriot Neymar.

The Paris Saint-Germain has often been scrutinised for his theatrics especially when simulating contact from opponents.

This has drawn the ire from media personnel and fans around the world, and it apparently has not escaped Pele’s eyes as well.

In reports, Pele admitted that Neymar’s quality is world class but it is difficult to justify his simulation on the pitch.

“Sometimes I talk to his father, sometimes I see Neymar for adverts, it’s hard to defend him for all the things he’s doing in football, and I talked to him,” Pele told reporters.

“I told him he had football to spare, I’ve been to Europe twice with him recently, we have discussed it and I explained it to him.

“God gave you a gift for football. But what you did complicates everything.”

The Brazilian went on to praise Neymar by saying he is better than PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe. The Frenchman recently won the Best Young Player trophy in the FIFA World Cup and the Kopa Trophy.

Pele said: “I think Neymar is a more complete player than him, but in Europe everyone speaks more about Mbappe.”