Piers Morgan makes fun of Indian goalkeeper, angers fans

Piers Morgan, an English journalist and TV presenter, is known for voicing his opinions via Twitter. However, often his views don’t sit well with others, inviting anger and abuse in return. The ‘Good Morning Britain’ host was at it again on Sunday, when he poked fun at the Indian goalkeeper, angering some of the hard-core fans. 

India played Jordan on November 17 in a historic friendly. However, what was supposed to be a special occasion quickly turned disastrous due to several off-field issues.

Despite rumours of the match being called-off, the two teams took to the pitch as expected. However, with much of the Indian squad unavailable, head coach Stephen Constantine fielded an under-powered starting XI.

Things quickly turned for the worse as soon as the match began, with India conceding a penalty in the opening stages. Nevertheless, goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu stepped up to save the spot kick, only to make a major howler minutes later.

The Indian custodian, off his line, let the opposition goal-kick bounce over his head and into the goal, conceding one of the most hilarious goals ever seen. Nevertheless, Sandhu started getting ridiculed on social media for his howler. And soon, even Piers Morgan joined in.

Piers retweeted the video with the caption: Frankly, who doesn’t want to watch a video of Jordan’s goalkeeper scoring against India.

He went on to add his own reply to it, saying: India’s Goalkeeper.

Needless to say, some of the hard-core Indian fans didn’t appreciate the tweet, and went on to reply angrily:

Well…at least he only did it in the World Cup

Can’t please everybody, it seems.