AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Laos announce 23-man squad for the tournament

The 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup kicks off today with the best of Southeast Asia ready to battle it out for the right to be called best in the region.

Ten teams will participate in the biennial tournament, and have been divided into two groups, Group A and Group B, with five teams in each group.

The action begins on Thursday, 8th November with the first match of the tournament seeing Cambodia take on Malaysia in Group A in what promises to be an exciting clash.

Also, on the same day, Laos take on neighbouring Vietnam in the same group, and we cannot wait to see how the cookie crumbles. Heading into the tournament, fans of Laos would have been waiting to see what their squad was like, and we now have it for you in all its glory.

Laos squad, AFF Suzuki Cup 2018:

Goalkeepers: Keo Souvannasangsgo, Outthilath Nammakhot, Saymanolinh Paseuth

Defenders: Lathasay Lounlasy, Aphixay Thanakhanty, Sonevilay Sihavong, Vanna Bounlovongsa, Thinnakone Vongsa, Mek Insoumang, Kittisak Phomvongsa, Thotnilath Sibounhuang

Midfielders: Bounphachan Bounkong, Phatthana Phommathep, Kaharn Phetsivilay, Chansamone Phommalivong, Phouthone Innalay, Tiny Bounmalay, Phithack Kongmathilath, Soukaphone Vongchiengkham, Chanthaphone Waenvongsoth

Forwards: Thatsaphone Saysouk, Somxay Keohanam, Soukchinda Natphasouk