Reports: Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona among clubs ready to start European Super League

Super League

In yet another shocking revelation, it appears that some of Europe’s biggest clubs have reportedly held talks to start a separate European Super League featuring the best teams in the continent.

Unlike the UEFA Champions League, this particular tournament has been proposed by seven clubs in particular, who have all gone behind UEFA’s back for a private discussion.

German newspaper Der Spiegel, who were responsible for revealing Manchester City and PSG’s clear FFP violations and the cover-up surrounding it, have yet again brought to light an incident of epic proportions.

The report goes on to highlight the seven clubs that were involved in preliminary secret discussions – Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and AC Milan. The likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and PSG are also expected to be added to the “founders” list.

The report claims that the idea is to safeguard their interests in such a way that they will not be relegated and shall face a 20 year guaranteed membership. Most clubs have declined to comment on whether any such meeting ever took place, while Bayern Munich said they were “unaware of recent plans for a so-called Super League”.

The report has also specifically mentioned the Bavarian side as being the one responsible for exploring the legal complexities and formalities in forming such a league.

The extent of the competition is such that the founder teams may even be willing to leave their football associations and national leagues altogether. The tournament is expected to take off in 2021, as per the report.

As further news pours in regarding this situation, it is clear that the landscape of European football could change if this is all proved to be true. A European Super League may well become a real possibility.