5 players who played with serious medical conditions

Players with medical condition

Physical health is an aspect of life that footballers have to be the most concerned about. After all, to be able to perform at the top level, a player has to be at his optimum physical condition.

However, there are some players that played/are playing football with serious medical conditions – and here are five of them…

#5 Nacho (Spain; Real Madrid) – Type-1 diabetes

When Nacho scored a fantastic goal for Spain at the World Cup, he became the first person in the history of humankind to score a World Cup goal while being diagnosed with type-1 diabetes.

Only 5% of the people that have diabetes are afflicted with the type-1 while the rest have type-2. Nacho was told to forget about being a professional footballer when he was diagnosed at the age of 12 – but look where he is now!

#4 Paul Scholes (England; Manchester United – retired) – Blurred vision through internal bleeding

It is hard to think that someone who could effortlessly make long-ball passes has one bad eye. Paul Scholes once admitted to seeing four balls coming towards him at a time.

The Englishman had a blocked vein in his right eye which caused internal bleeding and blurred his vision. After an elaborate surgery, Scholes returned to play football in 2006 and just got better with age.

#3 Petr Cech (Czech Republic; Chelsea, Arsenal) – Fractured skull

Remember that horror head clash that Petr Cech had with Stephen Hunt? The repercussion of that is visible to this day as the Arsenal shotstopper still wears a headgear to protect himself.

The clash fractured his skull and put his career under real risk. After a successful operation, he returned with the helmet, which is necessary another blow could perennially damage his brain.

#2 David Beckham (England; Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG, AC Milan, LA Galaxy – retired) – Asthma

The name David Beckham reminds one of the extravagant hairstyles, exceptional looks and brilliant free-kicks and crosses.

However, the other side of his being is the fact that he is asthmatic. He was spotted using an inhaler in 2009 while he was playing for LA Galaxy and according to his spokesperson, he was diagnosed with the condition as a young boy.

#1 David De Gea (Spain; Atletico Madrid, Manchester United) – Myopia

It is hard to imagine that one of the best goalkeepers of our time once had an eye condition that derailed his performances. When he joined United, De Gea was very prone to making errors.

Tests revealed, then, that the shotstopper had Myopia. A laser surgery was then conducted on him and the rest, as they say, is history.