5 most successful footballers of all time

In football, the most common way to evaluate a player’s career is by the number of trophies that she/he has won. Goals, assists, clean sheets… these things don’t mean anything if there is no trophy to show for it.

While there are some legends who didn’t win much, some others have won so many trophies that there is barely a spot in their homes to keep them. And here are the 5 most decorated players of all time…

#5 Andres Iniesta – 33* trophies

Andres Iniesta

The first name in the top 5 is none other than former Barcelona maestro Andres Iniesta. With 33 club and international trophies to his name, he is the most decorated Spanish player of all time.

And it suits him, doesn’t it? After all, he is perhaps the best Spanish player of all time!

#4 Ryan Giggs – 34 trophies

Ryan Giggs

Fourth in the list is none other than Manchester United legend and its most capped player Ryan Giggs. The Welshman is the most decorated player of his country by a long margin.

His major trophies include 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League and Club World Cup with the Red Devils.

#3 Lionel Messi – 34* trophies

Lionel Messi

Next on the line is Lionel Messi. He might have won the same number of trophies as Giggs but he is placed higher here because he is still active and is likely to achieve more titles.

Messi makes the case for the greatest of all time and his trophy cabinet only lacks a major international title. He has won everything there is to win at club level and is easily the greatest La Liga player of all time.

#2 Oleksandr Shovkovskiy – 36 trophies

Oleksandr Shovkovskiy

Oleksandr who? Yes, you would be forgiven for not knowing who he is. Shovkovskiy is a legend in Ukraine and played for Dynamo Kyiv for most of his career.

The shotstopper won a staggering 36 titles with his club in Ukraine, with 14 league titles and 10 Cup titles to his name.

#1 Dani Alves – 39* trophies

Dani Alves

Who else but Dani Alves? The Brazilian is a trophy magnet at club level and the only thing his cabinet misses is the World Cup. He has won league titles in Spain, Italy and France and also has the Copa America in his honours.

With 39 team accolades to his name, he is the most decorated player in the history of the game and since he is yet to hang up his boots, we can expect him to increase the count.