Brady bites back at McCarthy

West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady has hit back at former striker Benni McCarthy's claim that "woman and football, it's not such a good combination."

Brady's ire stems from comments made by McCarthy in an interview with So Foot, in which he made the sexist suggestion.

The former South Africa international appeared to be responding to a question about earlier statements made by Brady.

She said: "Rather than the super scorer we hoped for, we acquired a super-size, a player devoted to filling his belly more than filling the net."

The war of words has now been kicked up a notch after McCarthy's latest comments, with joint-chairman David Gold writing on Twitter: "More importantly Benni. Footballers and beef burgers don't mix."

Gold's sentiments were echoed by Brady, who wrote in her diary for The Sun: "McCarthy was the striker we sacked because he was overweight and never scored for us.

"He now says women and football do not mix. However, women's football is improving quickly and off the field a growing number are excellent executives.

"My view is that football is lucky to have us. My other view is that McCarthy should stick with his area of expertise, which according to many people is… eating!"