5 instances when Cristiano Ronaldo got into trouble in his personal life

Cristiano Ronaldo may be no less than the GOAT in modern football, but it is common knowledge that the Portuguese has had his fair share of controversies over the years. In fact, such is the impact of these off-field issues in the life of the megastar that it may even be enough to keep him behind Lionel Messi in the all-time greatest category.

The boy who grew up in the humble dwellings of Madeira, announced himself to world football while at Sporting Lisbon as a lanky and unassuming teenager, who caught the eye of Sir Alex Ferguson during a friendly game against Manchester United.

A dream move to Old Trafford followed suit and the rest, as we know, is history. The mercurial forward may have won it all with the Red Devils and Real Madrid, but a new challenge awaits him this season as he looks to emulate his stunning success with Juventus. While few will doubt whether the 33-year-old can be just as successful in Italy, it is his current problems off the field that are wreaking havoc in his life and keeping his legion of fans on edge.

A rape allegation from almost a decade ago has come back to haunt Ronaldo, and it looks unlikely that it is going away any time soon. While many are standing by the superstar, the seriousness of the claims will no doubt make this an interesting story as it develops. Here is a blast from the past with five other instances where Ronaldo’s personal life wasn’t as glorious as his footballing career:

#5 Rape accusations from back in 2005

Cristiano Ronaldo

As it turns out, there hasn’t just been one rape allegation against Ronaldo, and this particular charge is proof of the same. The charge was so serious that it prompted an arrest as well, on charges that he committed rape in a central London hotel in October 2005. The woman claimed that the couple went to a nightclub with another of her friends and subsequently to a hotel room where she was raped.

Needless to say, Ronaldo denied the allegation and a lack of evidence kept him away from jail, with the charges eventually dropped.

#4 Rumoured gay relationship with Moroccan boxer

Here is one piece of information that will surely shock the millions of Ronaldo fans. Moroccan boxer Badr Hari stepped into a very different spotlight after mind-blowing reports emerged of the fighter’s personal life. It was revealed that Hari was in a gay relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and that the Portuguese star used to take regular flights to Morocco to spend time ‘cuddling’ with his kick-boxer ‘friend’.

The salacious story was covered and spiced up by several media houses with intimate photos of the duo posted online before the whole thing being termed as ‘fake’ and later disappearing altogether.

#3 Heavy drinking accusation in a nightclub in 2008

If you are a die-hard CR7 fan, you would know that the forward has made it his life’s objective to never touch alcohol or even smoke a cigarette. The reason is that his father’s heavy drinking caused an untimely death and left Cristiano’s family in ruins and Ronaldo himself never wanted this to happen to himself and his family.

So when reports of a nightclub binge emerged in 2008, fans were shocked and taken aback. As it turns out, so was Cristiano Ronaldo himself. The then Manchester United player was devastated with the reports from the Daily Mirror which were eventually proved as misleading, and resulted in the source having to pay compensation to the 33-year-old along with issuing an apology.

#2 Tax evasion and tax fraud charges 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Another recent story surrounding the personal life of Ronaldo involves his inability to pay taxes between 2011 and 2014 that prompted legal action against him by the Spanish tax authorities.

The former Galactico was charged with failing to pay $17.1 million during that time, and faced a two-year prison sentence for his actions. He agreed to pay a fine of $21.8 million instead and avoided a jail term because of Spain’s laws allowing first-time offenders to serve probation if the sentence is less than two years.

#1 Unknown identity of his son’s mother

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the mysteries of the decade would have to be surrounding the identity of the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the son of CR7 himself. Everyone knows that Ronaldo is extremely devoted to his son and takes out whatever time he can from his busy schedule to be with his little one, but it is fair to say that only a handful would know the true identity of the woman who is Ronaldo Jr.’s mother.

Ronaldo made it clear that he wasn’t going to reveal the identity of his son’s mother at any cost after it emerged that the Portuguese had paid $10 million to a girl whom he apparently had a one night stand with and is also said to be taking care of her financially. In return, Ronaldo has uninterrupted access to time with his child and as we all know, he has proven to be a very caring father.