It would cost a fortune to bring Ronaldinho to Malaysia!

Nicolas Anil

RM618,000 will be the cost to lure former Barcelona FC and Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho out of retirement to the Malaysian league, said a source who is believed to be linked to the player.

“I understand that Ronaldinho’s services will cost around $150,000 (RM618,000) a month. It’s a fair amount for his reputation, even though he still almost 40,” the source told NSTP Sports.

“If there are interested suitors, then he might consider the offer and return to competitive action. But any clubs who were keen on him may have to forget it, due to his exorbitant salary.”

Perak FA were rumored to be interested in Ronaldinho’s services, after the buck toothed former striker came to Malaysia in April as ambassador for the Champions League Trophy Tour.

The Brazil legend was so overwhelmed by the support he received,  he ‘jokingly’ said he would play for free in Malaysia.

The Bos Gaurus picked up on that and went on record to say they would sign the player if he was serious for playing for free.

Ronaldinho himself does not seem too fussed to coming out of retirement, and is enjoying life travelling around the world as ambassador for various brands.

The 2004 and 2005 FIFA World Player of the Year was recently back in Barcelona to promote a foot-volley tournament.

But the 38-year-old has not lost any of his golden touches, which was on show when he played for the Delhi Dragons at the 2017 Indian Premier Futsal League.

So, the big question is, will any Malaysian clubs cough up that much of money in hopes of getting Ronaldinho?

If they do have a plan to get full attendances in every match, and generate revenue from his authentic jersey merchandise, then it could be a far-fetched possibility.