First PFL Fans Day and Soca Loca Mobile App Launch a success

PFL Philippines Football League Fans Day

Just a few hours before the final showdown between Croatia and France in the FIFA World Cup 2018 Final, The Philippines Football League took advantage of the hype and brought the first PFL Fans Day in Tiendesitas, Pasig City. 

Not only did the Philippine Football Federation brought the league closer to its fans, they also launched a new mobile application called Soca Loca. It is a social community football app where players who are just starting with the game or who’s already been playing it for the long time can get together to play the game in a common location at a mutually agreed time and date.

Registration to the app is very simple as you can just use your Facebook account for it or your email address. By launching the said app, it brings each and every football players in the country closer in times that you just feel an itching to kick the ball.

Alongside the launch of the mobile app, the PFL also conducted the PFL Fans Day wherein star players from all six competing teams met with their fans up-close and personal. Kicking off the Fans day was Stephan Schrock of Ceres-Negros FC.

“As we know, football here in the Philippines is not that popular since basketball is here but football is the most beautiful game. I hope there will be more events like this,” said Schrock when asked about his thoughts about the first PFL Fans Day.

After Schrock’s turn at the center stage, Kaya FC-Iloilo brought six of their players into the event. New signings Audie Menzi and Ariel Amita was present alongside team manager Chris Greatwich, Miguel Tanton, Janrick Soriano, and the striking duo Robert Lopez Mendy and Jordan Mintah.

“It’s good that we have an opportunity to meet with the fans. Any opportunity to connect with people who are supportive of Philippine Football is a good thing,” said Greatwich about the event that brought them closer to their fans.

Stallion Laguna FC turned out as well fresh from their win against JPV Marikina a day before the meet and greet. “It’s a good way to introduce the teams and the players. Any event like this even if there’s little people or a lot of people come, we just have to keep going so that the football keeps on growing here in the Philippines,” said Nathan Alquiros about his thoughts about the said event.

Being the only team in Metro Manila, JPV Marikina FC turned up for the event to shed light on who they are and where they currently reside with Keigo Moriyasu leading them in the event. ” I think it’s nice. I haven’t done that (Fans Day) here in the Philippines so it’s good for us players,” said the shy but fearsome attacking midfielder Moriyasu regarding the recently concluded event in Pasig City.

Despite the difficulties their club has been facing over the past few months, Global-Cebu FC didn’t fail to turn up for their fans as Jordan Jarvis and the rest of the squad met their supporters in the said event. “We’re not the most popular sport in the country but this event spreading the name of our team and the other teams, it’s good for the social awareness,” said Jarvis who, despite being sick, still gave some thoughtful words for their fans.

Last but not the least, Davao Aguilas FC turned out as well with what could be their most marketable and heart-felt approach to the event with Adam Tull, Jason De Jong, Harrison Sawyer and their new signing Marco Casambre giving out fans and umbrellas to their supporters. Phil and James Younghusband turned out for the event as well which brought all of the football fans up their feet. “I think it’s important you interact with your fans. You market football and you market the league, it’s a huge part of any business, any entity,” said Phil during his interview after taking a few pictures with the fans.

Not only did the PFL brought out the teams for their fans, they also conducted the first PFL-Soca Loca 3 a-side tournament where Gubat FC taking home the championship, Poloking FC with the second place and a fairly small squad of Cainta FC B taking home third place.

The event wouldn’t be possible without the initiative of the CEO of the PFL Mr. Lazarus Xavier who was not only enthusiastic during the event but also thinking positive about the future of not just the league but also Philippine Football in general.

“The primary objective is to promote, to create awareness, to affirm that the PFL is here. Our objective is to promote community-based activities and this is the start,” said Mr. Xavier during the meet and greet. When asked about what the fans can do to help the league grow in terms of marketability and awareness, Lazarus said, “For the fans, what’s important is for you to be part before and during match days. It’s very important for fans to attend matches. At the stadium, we need a football carnival.”

Finally, when asked about the expectations for the upcoming Copa Paulino Alcantara in September, Lazarus said they are opening the participation of non-franchise clubs in the said cup tournament provided they will be able to meet the minimum licensing requirements which are being in place for the competition.

Surely enough, the PFF and the PFL have brought the name of the league out for the fans and other people to show interest in the beautiful game. After the said event, fans were allowed to stay for the live free viewing of the FIFA World Cup final between France and Croatia.

Photo credit: Philippines Football League Facebook Page