Kelantan’s Bibi Ramjani: I have spent RM5 million out of my own pocket

Nicolas Anil Nicolas Anil

Kelantan FA president Bibi Ramjani has called out to the state government for help, as she tries to steer the team from relegation after a horrendous season in the Malaysia Super League (MSL) so far.

The Red Warriors were given a brief respite after conjuring a 2-1 away win to Kedah FA on Tuesday, for only their third win of the season.

But they still remain bottom of the pile, and Bibi urged the state government to lend their support.

“Even if it’s not from a financial aspect, I hope the state government can aid us in other ways. There are some necessities we need to get this club moving forward again,” Bibi told Fox Sports Asia.

“Forget the politicking and try to help as much as possible. If there is no support from them, we would continue to remain like this.”

The Kelantan government had distanced themselves from getting involved with the Kelantan Football Association, after cosmetics tycoon Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman took ownership of the club in 2016.

Bibi has faced countless hurdles since she became president in 2017, from having to deal with unpaid wages, transfer bans to players revolting.

Most recently, Fajr Ibrahim, the head coach she stuck with, confirmed his departure by tendering his resignation letter via a Whatsapp message.

Fajr is believed to have headed back to Syria after Kelantan were routed 4-0 by Selangor FA last Friday.

In that game, fans also put up banners asking Bibi to leave the club. But the president is defiant on staying and continuing with her job.

“What have I done to the fans to deserve this? They don’t know many things that are happening in the club. If I leave, who else will become president?” Bibi added.

“Give me 10 reasons why I should leave. The fans should be patient, and enough with wanting drastic results. I want them to use the right channel to voice their grouses. We have a fan representative within the executive committee.

“Select a leader to tell us their plans and we can discuss it at the executive committee meeting. I have spent RM5million out of my own pocket not to sabotage my own team.

“I will not quit until I have succeeded.”

Bibi also added that Yusri Che Lah will take charge as head coach for the foreseeable future. Kelantan will be hoping to do the double over Kedah when both teams meet again on Friday.