Greek game postponed after owner’s armed pitch invasion

A top-of-the-table Greek Super League match was postponed on Sunday after a disputed goal saw one of the teams’ owners enter the pitch with a firearm.

The match between league leaders AEK Athens and title rivals PAOK descended into chaos after Fernando Varela appeared to score with a header in the 90th minute to put PAOK 1-0 ahead.

The goal was initially given, but then the referee seemed to disallow the goal for offside.

The decision saw Ivan Savvidis, PAOK’s owner, enter the field of play in the company of several bodyguards before being ushered away.

He then came back a second time without his overcoat, with what appeared to be a pistol in a holster strapped to his waist.

AEK officials have accused Savvidis of threatening the match officials.

Greek news reports have said Savvidis ‘attacked’ an AEK official and told the referee “you are a dead man”.

The game was eventually suspended, with reports that the referee awarded the goal and the game to PAOK two hours after the final whistle.

The Greek league is expected to release and official statement on the controversy on Monday.