Brazilian legend Zico visits Manila

Former Brazilian football legend Arthur, Antunes Coimbra, known to the footballing world as Zico, visited the Philippines as part of a promotional tour. 

Zico, who scored 48 goals for Brazil during his ten year international career, gave several talks and hosted clinics at a various clubs in Manila.

Why do you come to teach children from non-footballing countries?

They come to us to help develop the footballing skills of the kids in this clinic.

I have the history, a past and a present, and I would love to help contribute to the country even though football. I want to help football in the Philippines.

Most memorable match as a player and as a coach?

As a player, it was in Copa Libertadores when I was playing for Flamengo and I scored two goals. Then I scored against Cobreloa from Chile again twice for 2-0.

AS a coach, it was with Japan when the Japanese National Team defeated the Chinese Team in China, that was 3-1 (note:Asian Cup 2004).

What should Asian football do to be as good as its European and South American counterparts?

With good things and good players, these are necessary.

What can you say about the high school students that you saw play this morning?

There are players with quality and techniques. But I saw many mistakes, like the basic mistakes, in trapping, controlling, shooting. The basics should be better.

What did you and Coach Tom Dooley of the Philippine National Team talk about last night?

We really didn’t talk about football that much. But I wished him a good luck with the Azkals and with his career. I still haven’t watch an Azkals game so I can’t comment on that yet.

Did you skip school when you were young to play football?

I studied in a university, football never got in my way. My father never allowed me to play football if I didn’t study first.

How do you like your country’s chances in the World Cup? Can you compare your generation and this generation of the Selecao?

First, I don’t make comparisons of generations. For the South American side, I see Brazil and Argentina as very strong. For Europe, France and Europe are very strong this year.

Which current Selecao player you wished to be teammates with in the National Team?

He is in your team right now (points to the PSG kit of the journalist and laughs. Note: Neymar Jr).