Footballers’ hairstyles: A hard hitting hair-nalysis

There’s a well-documented history of footballers and their penchant for changing up their hairstyles, from Mario Balotelli’s iconic shaved and dyed designs to Andy Carroll’s fondness of braids and buns.

Who has the current hottest hair? FOX Sports Asia goes all around the world to find out who’s serving up the looks.

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba (France)

Is there an emoji more suited to sports than the fire emoji? Whether to symbolise burning passion or a hot streak, the trusty fire emoji almost always comes in handy.

And now it comes in hair-y too, with Manchester United’s Paul Pogba electing to shave one on the side of his head.

Boeung Ket Football Club’s Sou Yaty (Cambodia)

Sou Yaty’s bleached blonde aesthetic first caught our eye in 2016, when he backstopped Cambodia in their valiant run against their ASEAN rivals in the AFF Suzuki Cup.

Sou Yaty was one of the few – if not the only – blonde player in that year’s competition, and he’s continued with the look ever since.

Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud (France)

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Football isn’t one of those sports where players grow facial hair in the name of game-winning superstition, but Olivier Giroud’s beard is definitely good enough for him not to look out of place on a hockey rink in the postseason.

The hair on the bottom half of his face is thick enough to rival the hair on the top half of his head, which is certainly saying something indeed.

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

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“Sometimes you need to change something,” said Robert Lewandowski when he posted a picture of his new blonde hair. For elite athletes, the best is always yet to be.

Let the current Bundesliga top goalscorer be an inspiration for us all, even if our day to day lives involve more of us sitting in an office chair rather than running around on a football pitch.

Shanghai SIPG’s Oscar (Brazil)

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Who knew how much difference a hairband could make? Not to be dramatic but Oscar looks like a drastically different person with his hair pushed back. Who knew? We didn’t. Until Oscar took a hairband and revealed his forehead to us all.

Al Ain’s Omar Abdulrahman (UAE)

While last year’s AFC Player of the Year Omar Abdulrahman didn’t pull off a repeat win in 2017, he is still one of the very best footballers in Asia, with an equally iconic hairstyle to match.

Much like his skills on the football pitch, Omar Abdulrahman lets his innate style speak for itself.