Hollywood celebrities and their sporting lookalikes

Timothy Wee Timothy Wee

FOX Sports Asia scans through Hollywood’s A-listers to find their lookalikes in the sporting world.

Ever getting the feeling that you might have a doppelganger?

Let’s admit it; we all wish for a twin brother or sister from another mother to share our responsibilities in life.

However, it is not easy to find someone who is the splitting mirror image of yourself.

Therefore, we rolled up our socks and scoured the world (wide web) to bring you the top twelve Hollywood celebrities and their sporting lookalikes!

You can be forgiven for seeing double, after all they are same same but different.

Bruno Mars and Chicharito

It is fitting that the most prolific EPL striker (going by minutes-per-goal ratio) bears a striking resemblance to high profile pop singer-songwriter and producer Bruno Mars.

Mars might be spreading his 24K Magic on the stage, but West Ham striker Chicharito prefers to work his magic on the pitch.

Drake and Aaron Lennon

Starting out young, Drake and Lennon both got an early start in their careers – with Drake being a child actor and Lennon being the youngest EPL debutant back in 2003.

So, it is definitely not a stretch to say that both the Canadian rapper and Everton winger Started from the Bottom.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Sebastian Larsson

While DiCaprio loves a great movie set-up, Larsson prefers a set-piece on the football pitch.

The Revenant star and Hull City midfielder clearly prefer to let their feet do the talking – with the American braving the harsh elements onset while the Swede free-kick specialist has a career total of 26 EPL assist.

Shia LaBeouf and Karim Benzema

Hitting their strides in the late 2000s’, LaBeouf and Benzema took their careers to another level by moving to Real Madrid and starring in the blockbuster movie Transformers respectively.

While the 31-year-old Hollywood actor is gearing up to play legendary tennis player John McEnroe, the French striker wouldn’t have to pretend to get into a sportsman’s mindset.

Chance the Rapper and Pepe

Despite hailing from two extreme ends of the Americas, Chance the Rapper and Pepe look as if they could have been family.

While the Grammy Award-winning producer is likely to plant you with Cocoa Butter Kisses, the Brazilian-born Portuguese defender is more likely to cut you down with his hard-hitting tackles.

Tyler The Creator and David Alaba

It is hard to find a more industrious pair than the above-mentioned duo; Tyler The Creator can boast having his own record label while Alaba is constantly driving up and down Bayern Munich’s left flank.

Technically speaking, the American rapper and Austrian left-back are both creators in their own right – Tyler with his music and Alaba with his four league assists last season.

Lou Ferrigno and Diego Costa

Though they might look like brothers, there couldn’t be a bigger gulf in personality – with retired pro-bodybuilder Ferrigno still living up to his iconic 70s’ Incredible Hulk role and Costa just being an incredible Sulk.

Nonetheless, you don’t want to cross the American actor or former Chelsea striker as they both rely on their brute strength and sheer physicality in their respective fields.

Matt Damon and Michael Ballack

Just six years apart in age, Damon and Ballack are prominent fixtures on the big and small screens respectively.

The Academy Award-winning Hollywood actor have proven to be a good shot in the Bourne movie franchise, while the former Chelsea attacking midfielder possessed one of the most powerful shots during his playing days.

A$AP Rocky and Didier Drogba

Despite being at different junctions of their career, A$AP Rocky and Drogba are more similar than you realised.

You wouldn’t deny the fact that both the American rapper and former Chelsea Ivorian striker have swagger – on the stage and pitch respectively.

And apparently, we aren’t the only ones who notice the startling physical similarities.

Pusha T and Victor Moses

Stepping out of the limelight, Pusha T and Victor Moses have taken a backseat and done their best work quietly in the shadows.

While the American rapper has moved up the ranks to become the president of Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, Chelsea winger Victor Moses is enjoying a new lease of life at his club after being repurposed as a wing-back by manager Antonio Conte.

Harrison Ford and Branislav Ivanovic

Besides sharing their uncanny good looks, Ford and Ivanovic also share another common trait – versatility.

The Hollywood legend has starred in a variety of roles ranging from Rick Deckard in Blade Runner to Han Solo in Star Wars, while the former Chelsea defender is flexible enough to function as a right-back and centre-back.

John Abraham and Gianluigi Buffon

As stalwarts of their respective crafts, the Bollywood actor and Juventus goalkeeper have a long list of accolades to reflect their esteemed standing.

Oddly enough, they have both owned football clubs – Abraham is the current co-owner of Indian Super League team NorthEast United FC and Buffon used to own his hometown club Carrarese.