Brawl erupts after player tackles ballboy

Brawl erupts after player tackles ballboy

A recent Cup final in Australia was marred by a bizarre incident involving a player and a ballboy.

It all went during Sydney FC’s 2-1 victory over Adelaide United in the final of the Football Federation Australia Cup, commonly known as the FFA Cup.

With time running out and Adelaide desperate for an equalizer, the ball went out of play, and fullback Michael Marrone went over the touchline to retrieve the ball and restart the game.

But the ballboy didn’t hand the ball over to Marrone quickly enough for his liking, leading the player to tackle the boy to the ground.

Sydney’s Matt Simon then ran over to confront Marrone, at which point a big brawl erupted.

Marrone was eventually sent off by the referee, and could face further action.

Adelaide’s manager Marco Kurz apologized for the incident after the game.

“I said sorry to the boy and his Dad — what happened was not in the character of Mickey, he is a very quiet boy. In this moment we can only say sorry. Mickey is very down, I think he spoke with the boy.”