12 times Ronaldo had a heart

Timothy Wee Timothy Wee

FOX Sports Asia showcases twelve moments that CR7 put charity first.

Underneath the prickly arrogant façade, Cristiano Ronaldo is really just a softie at heart.

Sure we all know the 32-year-old as the talismanic Real Madrid and Portugal forward, but did you know he is also the global ambassador for the Save the Children charity?

And his philanthropical activities goes beyond that; Ronaldo is also involved in a long list of honourable causes such as disaster relief, cancer and etc.

So much so that he was named the world’s most charitable athlete in 2015 by Dosomething.org!

Despite earning about €50 million annually, Ronaldo states that it is his humble beginnings as a son of a gardener that inspires his generosity: “My father always taught me that when you help other people, then God will give you double… When I have helped other people who are in need, God has helped me more.”

1. Blood Donations

Here’s a CR7 fact that you might not know; did you know that the four-time Ballon d’Or winner gives blood in Portugal twice a year?

That is also why he sports no tattoos on his body.

CR7 only realised the importance of donating blood after his national teammate Carlo Martins’ son needed a bone marrow transfusion: “Donating bone marrow is something a lot of people think is a difficult thing to do but it’s nothing more than drawing blood and doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you are helping another person.”

2. Greek Wedding Gift

Not one to stinge; Ronaldo’s charity knows no bounds after he brought his agent Jorges Mendes an entire Greek island, reportedly shaped like his own boot, as a wedding gift.

He was supposingly touched after Mendes asked him to be his best man.

3. Martunis

Back in 2004, CR7 came to the aid of the Indonesian tsunami victims after spotting a young Martunis, who was wearing a Portugal jersey with his name.

Besides raising funds for reconstruction, the two-time La Liga champion also paid for Martunis’ education! Coincidentally, Martunis has been signed by CR7’s boyhood club Sporting Lisbon.

4. Libel Payout Donation

After winning a libel case back in a 2004, the Portuguese national team captain donated the entire payout to a charity based in his hometown of Madeira. Talk about remembering your roots!

5. Trophies Donations

For someone who is pretty hung up about trophies, CR7 is surprisingly generous about giving his trophies away!

He auctioned off his 2012 Golden Shoe trophy for €1.5million to construct schools for Palestinian children in war-torn Gaza.

Recently, he also sold off his 2013 Ballon d’Or trophy to raise €454592 for terminally ill kids with the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

6. Nuhazet Guillen

In 2012, CR7 learnt of nine-year-old Real Madrid fan Nuhazet Guillen’s plight – Guillen was suffering from cancer and needed experimental drugs. He did not hesitate to pick up Guillen’s medical tab.

7. Erik Ortiz Cruz

In an appeal to pay their 10-month-old baby’s operation, Erik Ortiz Cruz’s parents sent a donation request to the three-time EPL champion asking for a pair of his football boots and jersey in 2014.

CR7 went above and beyond their call and ponied up the dough, all €46000 of it, for the operation as well as donating the original requested items.

He also sported a zig-zag hairstyle at the 2014 World Cup as a tribute to Cruz.

8. La Decima Watches

After creating history with Real’s tenth Champions League trophy (La Decima), Ronaldo decided to reward his teammate at Christmas with special Bulgari La Decima watches.

The fact that his initials and jersey (CR7) is engraved on all the watches does nothing to diminish the magnitude of his generosity to his teammates.

9. Porsche Gift

If we had any doubts that Ronaldo is a mummy’s boy, they would have been put to bed when the Real Madrid’s all-time top goal scorer brought a classic white Porsche for his mum’s 2015 birthday!

Considering his love of cars, it was one of the best gift that he was capable of giving.

10. Euro Silver Boot

Despite playing a crucial role in Portugal’s Euro 16 winning journey, CR7 was cruelly injured before the grand finals.

Having chipped in with three goals and assists for the tournament, he was awarded the Silver Boot. But CR7 chose to give the trophy to Nani, the stand-in captain for the grand finals, as an expression of gratitude for leading them to victory!

11. Madeira Cancer Centre

Flushed with the cash after his Euro 16 win, La Liga’s all-time top goal scorer decided to donate the entirety of his bonus prize money (€118507) to fund the Madeira cancer research centre that treated his mother back in 2009.

12. Nepal Earthquake Relief

Back in May 2015, CR7 was involved in helping raise funds for people affected by the Nepal earthquakes.

The Save The Children organisation’s global ambassador reportedly donated €5645620 to the aid effort.