14 badass Zlatan quotes

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Ahead of his return to action for Manchester United, we take a look at the best badass quotes from the one, and only, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

If there is one footballer who can top Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of tenacity, arrogance and personality on and off the pitch, then that will have to be Manchester United veteran striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Natural born animal

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The 36-year-old Swedish striker is no stranger to controversies off the pitch. Even in his older years!

So without further ado, we let Sweden’s all-time leading goal scorer doing the talking…

1. “The older I get, the better I get, like red wine.”

Nr 32

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With 28 goals in all competitions for United last season, the eleven times Swedish Forward of the Year winner might be right.

2. “I came like a king, left like a legend.”

At the end of his spell at Paris Saint-Germain, the talismanic striker was less than humble with his #famouslastwords. He won four league titles and remains their all-time top scorer with 156 goals.

3. “No way, Zlatan doesn’t do auditions.”

Things could have been so different for Ibra, if he submitted to a trial at Arsenal when he was at Malmo. But this is Zlatan; and even at a young age, the man budges for no one – even Arsene Wenger.

4. “Only God knows… You’re talking to him now.”

If there was any doubt about his abilities, it wouldn’t be coming from the man himself.

When asked before Sweden’s make-or-break 2014 World Cup qualification play-off against Portugal, the Swedish captain made it known who was the deciding factor for the match.

5. “One thing is for sure, a World Cup without me is nothing to watch so it is not worthwhile to wait for the World Cup.

Well, after Sweden fell to Portugal in the play-off tie, Ibra was not shy to let FIFA know what he thought of their ‘little’ tournament.

6. “We are looking for an apartment; if we do not find anything, then we will buy a hotel.”

Apparently, a Parisian apartment is not big enough to contain Zlatan’s ego and his family upon his transfer to PSG.

7. “Give them a bicycle with my autograph and that will be enough.”

You have Benjamin Franklin and you have me #bingorimer

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When probed on female footballers, the ex-Ajax player was not shy on how much he thought they should be paid.

8. “I can play in the eleven positions because a good player can play anywhere.”

Anyone fancy seeing Ibrahimovic between the sticks this season for United?

9. “I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am.”

When you come to New York you have the Statue of Liberty, when you come to Sweden you have the Statue of Zlatan #comingsoon

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Well, the guy is (allegedly) God after all. Sooo, are we all still surprised?

10. “When you buy me, you are buying a Ferrari. If you drive a Ferrari you put premium petrol in the tank, you hit the motorway and you step on the gas. [Pep] Guardiola filled up with diesel and took a spin in the countryside. He should have bought a Fiat.”

Perhaps it is fair to say that Ibrahimovic are not the best of pals with ex-Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. #nuffsaid

11. “First I went left; he did too. Then I went right and he did too. Then I went left again and he went to buy a hot dog.”

After leaving Liverpool defender Stephane Henchoz knotted, the four-time Swedish Male Athlete of the Year winner still managed to see the funny side of things.

12. “We were looking through his playlist in the dressing room — there was lots of Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez. It is nice to know that even David Beckham doesn’t have good taste in everything.”

We are guessing if Beckham did return to United for their annual Christmas party, Zlatan will be there blocking his way to the DJ console. Someone get Becks some #burn cream…

13. “If [Wayne Rooney] still wants to move next summer, or in January, I would urge him to come and play with me in Paris … If he did join, he would have to get used to the fact that Zlatan scores even better goals than him.”

Guess that makes up the other alumni absentee for this year’s United Christmas party…

14. “You can’t coach brilliance like that.”

After scoring an absolute cracker of a goal against England back in 2012, Ibrahimovic wanted to make sure that we knew who was responsible for the 2013 FIFA Puskas Goal of the Year.