Twitter’s new 280-character limit: Which footballers are rejoicing?

Gabriel Tan Gabriel Tan

In light of Twitter’s new 280-character limit, FOX Sports Asia takes a look at some of the famous footballers who might just be rubbing their hands together in glee right now whilst reaching for their phones.

Social media lovers, rejoice!

As if getting your point across in 140 characters wasn’t enough, Twitter has now increased that limit to a whooping 280. That’s double!

We all know footballers are best at letting their feet do the talking, not quite so much with their fingers.

But, every now and again, when a famous star decides to share an opinion with their millions of followers, it can produce the most hilarious, and embarassing, results.

With that in mind, FOX Sports Asia looks at some of the best players in the world who could benefit greatly from 280 characters.

Pasta is good for athletes but some like it more than others

Imagine if Victor Wanyama had 280 characters back then. Was it carbonara or amatriciana? Would he have preferred penne if given the option?

Sadly, all we’ll ever know (until now) is that the Kenyan enjoyed that one meal he had in May 2012. Although we have it to thank for this equally hilarious tweet four years down the road…

Not a fan of horror movies? Join Victor’s club

It’s amazing how much you can know about a person just based on what they share online. We already know Wanyama loves pasta, and now we also know he’s not one to invite for a sleepover involving horror movies.

Fine, not everyone has to enjoy sitting through 90 minutes of horror (just ask any Liverpool fan who has had to watch Dejan Lovren defend this season).

But surely dumping the DVD into the trash the very next day is a slight overreaction? Otherwise, Jurgen Klopp would have transfer listed said Croatian centre-back by now!

Robert Huth, king of savage

Having spent the last 16 years in England, Robert Huth has certainly evolved into a master of British banter.

Which is unfortunate for his former Stoke City team-mate Jon Walters, who seems to be the favourite target of Huth’s savage jibes.

Imagine what Wazza could do with 280?

Wayne Rooney is a social media revolutionary – make no mistake about that.

In his time in the Twitterverse, he has…

1) Used it in place of a messaging app (and without tagging the recipient at that)

2) Challenged himself to a fight, disparaging remarks included

Twitter may think they’ve changed the game with 280 characters. Wayne Rooney is about to revolutionise it. We just have to wait and see.

With more characters comes more attention to detail?

Everyone knows plenty of footballers have people helping them manage their social media accounts these days.

In the modern age of the game, having more characters is definitely a good thing for when players have to get a message across in club or sponsor-related posts.

Hopefully, with more characters to type, players will pay more attention to detail and perhaps remember to remove the instructions at the top.

Oh well, who are we kidding? “Ctrl-C”, “Ctrl-V”.

Although, credit where it’s due, Anichebe had no problems seeing the funny side of things, making reference to that Twitter fail just a month later.

CR7, the greatest in the world

The debate will probably never end. Who is the best footballer of their time – Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

One thing is for certain. Ronaldo had the best footballer tweet of all time.

In his defence, the Portuguese star was probably sincerely expressing gratitude to fans who had taken the time out to participate in what was then a new venture by the CR7 brand.

Alas, poor sentence structure and choice of words made it slightly creepy. Only slightly.