5 most hardcore football club fans

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FOX Sports Asia heads off the pitch to find out which football clubs has the most hardcore fans.

It takes a special breed of fandom to name your firstborn after your favourite footballing club, but it isn’t anything that is out of place for Chelsea fans.

Especially for six-year-old fan Chelsean Matteo Luke.

Photo from Channel NewsAsia

Named after his dad’s favourite English football club, it is no surprise that the Singapore-based Chelsean is an aspiring footballer who is currently training under official Chelsea FC Foundation coaches. His dream; to pursue a footballing career in England when he turns thirteen!

And the club appreciates such fans as well. Ahead of his birthday on 19 Oct, the club sent Chelsean a birthday care package consisting of club merchandise and a signed letter from club captain Gary Cahill!

Photo from Channel NewsAsia

But such heartwarming fan stories are the norm, rather than the exception.

Here are some other clubs whose fans go well and beyond the call of (fandom) duty.

River Plate

Having won the league a record 36 times, Argentine club River Plate is one of the most supported club in the country.

Fierce rivals of Boca Juniors, River Plate fans are affectionately known as Los Millionarios. Their Ultras fans have a formidable reputation of unsettling opponents with their spirited singing and elaborate banners.

In fact, the River Plate fans create such a boisterous match day atmosphere that the Boca-River derby is listed top on The Observer’s 50 sporting things you need to do before you die!

Urawa Red Diamonds

You have to hand it to the Japanese. They are really in a class of their own. Especially if they are Urawa Reds fans.

Besides boasting the highest average gates for fourteen of the J-League’s twenty season run, the Urawa Reds can also lay claim to having the best fan choreography. Period.

So the next time you are in Tokyo, be sure to pop by Saitama stadium for a game.


Turkish football clubs have a reputation for their loud and lively fans. And they don’t come any livelier than the Galatasaray fans.

Responsible for their infamous “Welcome To Hell” banner, Galatasaray fans do indeed live up to their words. They do make it hell for the visiting fans with clashes with Manchester United fans in 1993 and PSG supporters in 2001.


Considered to be the team’s twelfth man, Liverpool fans have attained a legendary status.

Liverpool fans, ever ready to belt out the club anthem You Never Walk Alone, are often credited for creating an electric atmosphere. In the 2005 Champions League grand final, the fans were out in full voice when the team came back from behind to snatch the trophy from Milan.

The Liverpool fans have always been acknowledged by the managers, but none more than current manager Jurgen Klopp. The German insisted that his players salute their fans after they sang and inspired a 2-2 draw with West Brom early on in his reign.


It hasn’t been an easy period for Barca; losing star striker Neymar and one part of their MSN forward trio. But regardless of what happens, the club will never lost its fiercely loyal fans.

Trust us, you do not want to incur the wrath of the Barca fans. Just ask former Barca player Luis Figo.

The beloved Portuguese winger returned, after a controversial transfer to sworn rivals Real Madrid, to the Nou Camp for a league match. As Figo was getting ready for a corner kick, the Barca fans pelted him with garbage and most alarmingly, a severed pig head!