The vain picture of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest (footballer) of them all?

In an age where social media and selfies reign supreme, vanity just got upsized. And no ego is bigger than one of the greatest footballing talent of our time, Cristiano Ronaldo.

With 277 million social media followers, the Portuguese forward was the first sportsperson to have 100 million Facebook followers.

The 32-year-old Real Madrid talisman is so iconic that he can be recognised from his initials and shirt number, CR7. To date, Ronaldo has an autobiography and three films about him.

So clearly, he is clearly not afraid of a little self-love; as described by his ex-Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson in the Telegraph: “You used to see [Cristiano] Ronaldo standing in front of the mirror loving himself. But it was a nice vanity.”


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Eyes ? are the mirror of the soul ???

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That wasn’t the first time the four-time European Golden Shoe winner was caught out staring at his own reflection.

In the 2016 Champion League quarterfinals against Wolfsburg, opposing defender Bruno Hernandez, a CR7 fan himself, saw that he wasn’t the only one checking Ronaldo out: ““What I also saw differently is that he (Ronaldo) kept staring [at] himself in the big screen the whole time.”

We really shouldn’t be surprised, considering the man’s preferred goal celebration.

In fact, he is so in love with himself that he commissioned a life-sized wax statue for his house.

Given how notoriously anal he is about his hair and all, Ronaldo had his own hairdresser cut the €$22500 statue’s perfect coiffed hair – which was inserted strand by strand by sculptors.

Cortando o cabelo ajajjajaajja

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And despite saying that “We cannot live being obsessed with what other people think about us”, the four-time FIFA Ballon d’Or winner did say in the same interview with Mundo Deportivo that he was “made to be the best”.

Clearly, Ronaldo doesn’t let other opinions affect him. He famously once said in 2011 that the opposing Dinamo Zagreb fans were only booing him because he is a “rich, handsome and a great player. People are envious of me. I don’t have any other explanation”.

“There are people who hate me, who say I’m vain, or arrogant, or this or that… that’s part of my success.”

And success is sweet for the Portugal national team all-time top goalscorer. Besides having a galaxy (CR7) named after him in 2015, the four-time Champion League winner also have an airport named after him in his hometown Madeira.

Plus, he also has his own museum, Museu CR7 in Funchal, Portugal.

Besides being the spokesperson for everything under the sun, from Hyundai cars to Legacy perfume, the man also has his own fashion brand, CR7.

There are two boutique stores located in Portugal which carries his line of premium shirts, shoes and fragrance.

The world’s most famous athlete (according to ESPN), in his own words, “I want to live like a king. I’m going to enjoy it all even more when I finish my career, when I have the time to do whatever I want.”