Conte cracks up over Diego Costa comments

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was left in stitches after hearing about Diego Costa’s latest outburst over his treatment at Chelsea.

During Friday’s press conference ahead of the Blues’ all-important game at Spurs on Sunday, a reporter relayed Costa’s remarks to the Chelsea boss.

When Conte heard that Costa accused the club of treating him ‘like a criminal’, he was practically in hysterics.

“It is great, I prefer to laugh,” Conte said. “I can tell you that everyone who works in Chelsea knows very well what happened with him last season. It’s funny, this interview.

“I’m not interested to continue this issue. For me, he’s the past.”

A club spokesperson then interjected: “As a Chelsea player we’ve said he should return to Chelsea and that’s where we’ll leave it.”

Costa has also complained that Chelsea are pricing him out of a move back to Atletico Madrid, which is where he would like to be.

“When I came to Chelsea they paid a lot less compared to what’s being offered to them,” he told ESPN Brasil.

Costa maintains what has transpired between him and Chelsea is not his fault.

“It’s not my fault that I’m not at the club – if it was down to me I’d be playing,” he said.

“It’s already been one month. Holidays are good but it gets tiresome.”

Chelsea want him to return to training, but Costa does not think that would be fair, considering that Conte is unhappy with him for leaking the text message where he told the Spaniard he was no longer part of the club’s plans.

“It won’t be the same as before [between him and Conte] and we don’t know if the fight for the position will be fair,” he said.

“Because of me having exposed the [text] message I understand that he’ll be annoyed, so if I go back I have to see if things would be clean, just and correct.

“That’s how I like things. If I go back now I don’t think it will be a fair situation. It won’t be an honest fight for a position [in the team].”