Conte: Costa knew of Chelsea’s intention to part ways

Antonio Conte has again refuted claims that Diego Costa was only informed of Chelsea's decision to sell him during the off-season via a text message.

The Premier League champions made headlines in June when reports emerged that the Spanish striker was deemed surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge and that he had been notified of this in the most casual of ways.

The player's lawyer lashed out against the London club on Friday by harshly criticising their tactics and threatening to hand in a transfer request.

“Obviously, this release, in the way it was done, and how it became known by everyone, was unfair treatment and a lack of respect to the player on the part of Conte which is unacceptable and inexcusable," Ricardo Cardoso was quoted as saying by EFE.

Addressing the issue at a recent press conference, Conte stated unambiguously that there is no truth in these reports.

“Again?” Conte asked when reporters raised the matter. “I have to repeat the same? For me it's very simple, the situation.

"I repeat what I said in the past, maybe 10 days ago. The player, his agent and the club knew very well the future of the player in the summer," the former Azzurri boss said.

The club's director of communications also weighed in on the topic, suggesting that Cardoso did not have a full view of the matter.

“We don’t usually respond to comments of this nature, but I think we should do on this occasion," he said.

“The premise the lawyer has put forward is just wrong. As Antonio has said, I think this is worth repeating, that the decision on Diego was made back in January.

“The player knew the decision, the agent knew the decision, and clearly the lawyer has not been well informed.

“So, the lawyer’s argument that Antonio has forced the player out by text message in June is just nonsense. As a club we’re going to leave it there and see what the window brings.”