Burki: We were the only side playing football

Burki gia hạn hợp đồng với Dortmund tới năm 2021

Borussia Dortmund keeper Roman Burki lamented his side's Supercup loss to FC Bayern München on Saturday night, saying that the result was not a fair reflection of the match.

Calo Ancelotti's men managed to find two equalisers to take the first competitive match of their season to a penalty shootout and, ultimately, retain the Supercup trophy in an entertaining encounter against Dortmund.

Following the match, Dortmund stopper Burki expressed his disappointment over the outcome and questioned the legitimacy of Bayern's second goal which came courtesy of an unfortunate Lukasz Piszczek.

"We shouldn't have let the game go to penalties," he told reporters. "The only side that played football in the second period was us.

"It goes without saying that the curious equaliser they scored in the 88th minute was very annoying. It all happened so quickly. I can't put my finger on exactly what we did wrong.

"The ball crashed down off the bar onto the line, and then Bayern just got lucky that it went in. The video assistant said that everything happened in accordance with the rules, so that must've been the case.

"But as I said earlier, we shouldn't have let the match go to penalties," he added.

Midfielder Nuri Sahin echoed these sentiments in conversation with the media after the match.

"We made a very good start to the game but subsequently lost our way a bit, although our movement was good until the interval," the 28-year old stated.

"Then we completely dominated the second period. That's why it's a bitter feeling to have lost the game. For their second goal, I honestly don't know why the video assistant was used.

"For both of Bayern's goals we were naturally hoping that the decision would go in our favour, but unfortunately that wasn't the case," he added.