Torres: Simeone happy to stay long-term at Atletico

Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres believes manager Diego Simeone is happy to stay at the club for the long term, despite shortening his contract.

Simeone reduced his contract length at the Spanish side by two years, which means his current deal is set to expire at the end of the 2017/18 season.

However, Torres claims the Argentine is enjoying himself at the club and is ready to take on another long stint with them.

"Everybody knows what he is expecting from us, everybody," Torres told Omnisport

"He is very good at communicating to everybody what he wants – the tactics, about the team, about the individual, about everything.

"I think he is very happy here and he wants to stay more time, that's very important for the players.

"Hopefully we can keep the key players, we can keep the manager and that will show everybody that we want to do better and we want more.

"He's very intense. You remember him as a player, he's very similar as a coach. He wants everybody to stay focused in training, in meetings, on our travels – all the time.

"He is very clever. He knows we need this intensity to be able to compete against teams who are much better than us. He is showing that the way he is training is being effective.

"We are competing with these kinds of teams. All we have to do is follow him because he has shown the world he is a good leader for us."