FA to ban divers for two matches

Starting Friday in England a retrospective two-match suspension will be handed out to players found guilty of diving.

The Football Association (FA) hopes the threat of a ban will deter players from attempting to deceive match officials.

The new rules, brought in following a fact-finding mission to Scotland to observe a similar system, will apply to incidents that see red cards or a penalty awarded.

Only incidents where players are adjudged to have deliberately deceived match officials will be sent for review.

The FA will employ a three-person panel comprised of former pros, managers, and referees to make decisions – a ban only being handed out if a unanimous decision is reached.

Panel members will not be able to review cases that involve clubs they were once associated with.

Suspensions handed out to opposition players who end up being sent off as a result of deception will be overturned, although yellow cards will not be rescinded.  

The FA plans to facilitate speedy reviews so that incorrect decisions can be rectified before a team’s next game.

Clubs will be able to appeal the decisions of the panel.

An extra one-match ban will also be an option for repeat offenders.

A majority of clubs and managers across all the divisions in England are reportedly supportive of the move.