Hoffenheim introduce giant on field video screen

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim have continued to show the Bundesliga’s appetite for innovation by introducing a giant on-field video screen for coach Julian Nagelsmann to work with.

The league's official website described the new innovation, "A 6×3-metre screen is positioned on the halfway line of Hoffenheim's main training pitch. The system works with four cameras, two from the tower, high above the halfway line and one behind each goal. 

"The feed from each camera is able to be shown on the screen at any time. These cameras are controlled by the training staff, giving the opportunity for the film to be stopped, rewinded or fast-forwarded to show the players particular points of interest."

Meanwhile, Nagelsmann says he is optimistic about using the new technology, saying, "Should the system prove itself, we could leave the players in their positions during most match situations, but still, show them solutions.

"For this, I have an iPad in my hand that I can use to control the cameras. When I stop a situation, I have the opportunity to draw my solutions and suggestions for improvement all from the iPad."