Tedesco to build on Schalke’s ‘good core’

FC Schalke 04 manager Domenico Tedesco is optimistic ahead of the upcoming Bundesliga campaign as he aims to build on a strong core of players.

Schalke will not be competing on the European stage in the 2017/18 season for the first time in eight years, following a difficult campaign under Markus Weinzierl, who led them to 10th position in the standings.

However, Tedesco is positive about the club's future and eager to add more talent to a squad he already considers to be full of quality.

"I must say I find the current squad to be of good quality. We have a good core, which we want to add to when we get the chance. It's important that the current players know that we want to build with them," he told Kicker.

"It's always necessary to strengthen a squad, even a good one. But the player has to be one that takes us forward. We are looking at a lot of players, also because a lot of good preparation work had been done. This all happens in parallel because there is no other way to do it."