Giggs lifts lid on United exit

Ryan Giggs said there was never an offer for him to stay at Old Trafford when Jose Mourinho took over the reins last year.

Giggs' 29 years at the club came to an end this time last year when Louis van Gaal was sacked in May 2016 to make way for the former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss.

Giggs also quit, amid rumours that Mourinho wanted him to stay, but the 43-year old former Red Devils’ legend has revealed that was never the case.

“There was no offer from Jose Mourinho. No offer. It was my choice to go,” Giggs told the Manchester Evening News.

“As soon as Louis was going I had made my decision to go.

“I had done two years and I wanted to do three years under Louis. It didn't happen. That was my plan to do my three years and see what happened after that.

“Unfortunately, that was cut short. It happens. That's football. But I didn't really feel I could go on at the club in any other capacity apart from manager.”

Since then, the serial title winner has been linked with a number of vacant manager’s positions, including Swansea City, Middlesbrough and Sunderland but has not yet been given the chance to get back into the game.

It’s not something that is worrying him at the moment.

“I'm quite happy with life at the moment. I have always said I would like to go into coaching but I am not in any rush. I am not desperate,” Giggs said.

“I spoke to Swansea. It didn't work out. Because I have said I want to go into coaching and management every job that comes up I am linked with..and then I miss out on the job without having spoken to anyone! That's frustrating, but that's football.

“I don't expect to walk into a job and I have never expected that. Maybe owners and football clubs just look at the football player rather than the work I have done to be a coach.

“In my eyes I had a fantastic two years under Louis van Gaal. I had a brilliant education as assistant manager of Manchester United. I managed the club for four matches which is invaluable experience.

“I have done the apprenticeship I have just not done the real thing yet.”