FIFA admits VAR needs to improve

Issues with the video assistant referee system being used at the Confederations Cup need to ironed out if it is to be employed at next year’s World Cup, according to FIFA.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), football’s law-making body, will decide in March whether video assistant referees will be used at Russia 2018.

The VAR system has helped to correct six "game-changing decisions", FIFA’s head referee Massimo Busacca said on Sunday.

"We have really good results," he said.

"But many aspects should be improved."

Busacca said referrals to the replay team had shown that officials ruled correctly on a further 29 "major incidents", and that Fifa would try to convince member nations to use (VAR)  technology.

Fans, players and coaches have been critical of the video replay system, saying it had caused confusion and delay as decisions were being made.

The latest controversy came in Sunday's Germany-Cameroon game when Colombian referee Wilmar Roldan first booked Cameroon captain Sebastien Siani after mistaking him for Ernest Mabouka.

Siani was booked instead of Mabouka for a foul on Emre Can, but after consulting the VAR, Siani was then shown a red card.

Roldan eventually rectified his mistake, sending off Mabouka instead after much confusion and delay.

Cameroon boss Hugo Broos was left bewildered by the incident, saying later: "I didn't understand it then and I still don't understand it now."

Officials need more training on when and where to use it, Busacca said, adding that the process also needs to take place faster.

FIFA is a big advocate of video technology, with president Gianni Infantino last week calling it "the future of football".