Bobic irritated by injured Meier

Eintracht Frankfurt sporting director Fredi Bobic is reportedly unhappy with forward Alex Meier after he picked up an injury and reported it late to the club.

The veteran was on holiday in Florida and is said to have sustained an ankle injury while jogging, and required surgery. However, Bobic is not concerned about the injury itself, but more so that the player only informed Frankfurt on the day of his operation.

According to Kicker: "The sporting department of Eintracht was informed of the circumstances on the day of the operation. The medical department, however, did not receive all necessary details on the injury until Thursday, June 22."

Bobic also told the publication: "We are irritated, however, that we have only today (Thursday) received accurate information on the injury.

"The player has a clear information obligation against his employer in the event of a breach, which Alex has not complied with. If there is a suitable opportunity, we will have a conversation with the player."