Messi at 30: How much do you know about Barca’s birthday boy?

Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi celebrates his 30th birthday this weekend.

It seems like ‘the flea’ has been terrorising defences for decades, but believe it or not Messi is still in his 20s – until Saturday, that is, when he turns 30.

Unlike La Liga defences, age is something that cannot be ultimately defeated. So to celebrate the birthday of one of, if not, the world’s greatest football player of all time (Sorry, Cristiano), we here at FOX Sports Asia present you with the ultimate Messi challenge.

To commemorate the coming of age of the South American superstar we have 30 questions designed to test your knowledge of the Barca star’s career so far.

Will you weave your way round the questions like Messi on one of his trademark mazy runs, or will you be left dumbfounded and dazed like a defender left floundering in the wake of one of his defence splitting passes?

Take the test and see.

When you’re done, why not challenge your family and friends to see if they can do better?

Good luck!