Ventura on Berardi and Belotti

Italy coach Gian Piero Ventura believes Domenico Berardi needs to play at the highest level to reach his full potential and that PSG could be the right move for Andrea Belotti.

In a lengthy interview with Radio Anch'io Lo Sport, the 69-year old gave his insight into how the Azzurri could benefit from the development of Berardi, a promising young striker whose club is unlikely to offer him Champions League exposure.

"What Berardi's missing? He's already played under me in an experimental Italy team against San Marino and has been in three squads under me, improving each time with serenity," Ventura said.

"He's a player of great potential, he only has to promote awareness of his qualities. He announced himself at Sassuolo, a promising club but not a very big one, who don't fight for the Champions League.

"I think Berardi must have this experience. Once he passes this step, I think he'll show huge quality."

When asked his opinion about Belotti's rumoured link with PSG, Ventura indicated that it is difficult for him to remain objective.

"PSG the right move for Belotti? Selfishly, the more that I keep my eyes in Italy, the better for me," he said. "Still, that matters little. I'm lucky that many players have taken off under me.

"If he goes to PSG because they need Belotti and believe he's the right player for them, then yes.

"But if he goes to PSG just to make up the numbers, it's a different conversation: he'll never be a protagonist from the back door.

"I hope he makes the right decision: we've not seen anything of him yet. He can still do much more."