Murray: Albion survival will be tough but possible

Brighton and Hove Albion will have a difficult time securing a second season in the English top-flight, but they are up for the challenge, says Glenn Murray.

The Premier League debutants' long-serving striker believes that while his inexperienced team will face an uphill battle throughout their upcoming league campaign, he is confident that they can avoid immediate relegation.

“It’s definitely achievable to stay in the Premier League," the former Crystal Palace and Bournemouth hitman told reporters. "I think a club like us should be staying in the Premier League. We’ll be working very hard to try and maintain that status.”

As one of the Seagulls' only players with Premier League experience, Murray has much to teach his teammates on what to expect when the season kicks off.

“The game is very different in the Premier League," the 33-year old said. "It’s very slow and then it spurts into life and you think ‘what’s just happened?’. It’s one of those moments where you think you’ll have to watch that on Match of the Day later.

“You’re obviously up against much, much better players, both skill-wise and physical," he added. "I think we can only give a certain amount of chances away, because teams are obviously more clinical in the Premier League.

“You can give three or four away in the Championship and sometimes get away with it, depending on who you’re playing. But if you give three or four away in the Premier League, you’re two or three nil down,” Murray continued.