Bosz: Manchester United have all the pressure


Ajax manager Peter Bosz believes Manchester United may be feeling the pressure when the two sides meet in the Europa League final on Wednesday.

Jose Mourinho's charges have to claim the Europa League title in order to qualify for the Champions League, after finishing in sixth position in the Premier League this season.

Meanwhile, Ajax are already in the qualifying round of the Champions League after finishing second in the Eredivisie.

"[United] have a bigger budget than us, so if they feel more pressure because of it then great," said Bosz, according to Sky Sports.

"It's true both are big clubs with big history. United have more experience and more money than us but we have fantastic players.

"I feel no pressure at all – just a huge opportunity. I don't know if my players will feel pressure because it's their first big final, but I know we all want to win the game.

"We try, in any case, to play our own game."