Neville: Pre-game pleasantries is ‘nonsense’

Gary Neville voiced his irritation after watching Manchester United exchange pleasantries with Arsenal players in the tunnel ahead of their game on Sunday.

The former Red Devils defender believes the cheerful exchanges between some of the players ahead of the clash showed the lack of intensity they needed for such a big clash.

United lost the game 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium, and Neville was left fuming after what he considered to be 'nonsense' behaviour from players before the tie.

The rivalry between the two clubs used to be fierce when the likes of Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira captained their respective sides, and Neville wants to see that passion from modern players as well.

“This is a nonsense to me,” he said on Match of the Day 2. “It's a total nonsense. Look at Wayne Rooney there: old school, looking forward and not hugging or kissing. 

“I think Monreal's going to a christening there rather than a football game. I can't imagine doing that to (former Arsenal defender) Martin Keown ten years ago in a tunnel at Highbury."

He added: “It doesn't matter if you know them. You see each other in the bar afterwards. But before a game just concentrate in the tunnel.”