Spalletti frustrated with Totti criticism

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti has expressed his frustration with the way he has been criticised for managing club talisman Francesco Totti.

The Giallorossi claimed an impressive 4-1 win over AC Milan on Sunday to keep the Serie A title race alive with three games left in the season.

However, instead of talking about the performance, the media focused on the fact that Spalletti opted to keep Totti on the bench instead of introducing him at some point in the game.

"All this really disappoints me. If I could go back, I would never have returned to Roma," Spalletti told Mediaset Premium.

"We always end up talking about the same thing. This team deserves praise, but instead, we are always talking about this and if I play him for just five minutes, I'm disrespecting a legend, then if I don't introduce him, that's wrong too.

"Tonight we set a record for six consecutive away victories. We've done great things, even if we haven't always played brilliantly, but these statistics will remain."