Wenger critical of Mourinho outbursts

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger feels criticism of players should be limited to the dressing room in reference to Jose Mourinho's public outbursts.

The Manchester United manager has been in the spotlight over his criticism over defenders Luke Shaw, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones – due to their inability to 'play through pain' and niggling injuries, in a below-par league campaign.

Wenger feels players can't shoulder the blame for poor performances but in times of winning a collective effort is usually praised.

"Ideally you have to be careful with that because you cannot do that in every single game," he told BBC Football.

"You can do that in extreme situations but it has to be handled carefully because it just makes that stress level worse for them. Top players have a good and objective assessment. They know well where they stand.

"You cannot always say to the players 'we are all in the same boat and in this together to achieve something' and then you jump out of the boat and say, 'it's your fault now', but when it goes well you take the credit.

"You are in a position where you have to be part of it and fight for them when it doesn't go well, you have to control what you say."